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So you want to become a cia agent. Becoming a CIA agent is not an easy task it requires a lot of hard work and dedication. The CIA stands for Central Intelligence Agency. The main Purpose of a CIA Agent is to protect the United States National security. According to there are various jobs available in CIA. In the following article we will give you every information on how to become a CIA agent.

become a CIA agent

Central Intelligence Agency

requirements to Become a CIA Agent

The first criteria of joining the CIA is that you should be a US citizen and a graduate. Which means a Bachelor’s degree with at least 3.0 GPA. The next most important requirement is that you should be dedicated and must have set your heart on serving  the nation, because the work requires maximum dedication and devotion for the well being of the nation and its people . You will be entrusted with the safety and security of the nation and its people.

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The selection in CIA is highly competitive and rejections may look you into the face at the slightest loophole. Being a CIA agent is not an easy task Apart from your own fitness and dedication and qualification the background of you, your family members and friends will also be a criteria for acceptance or rejection.

The authorities will look into your character and also into that of the people in your social circle it should be flawless and should belong to a financially sound  background (which means you are not liable to be lured into taking any financial obligations eg bribes etc )  You and your acquaintances should possess excellent strength of character, honesty , integrity and sound judgement and of course loyalty to the nation.

History of Drug addiction anytime in your life is enough to disqualify you. If you are able to fulfil all the requirements of CIA then congrats you are one step closer of becoming a CIA agent. For getting further information on how to become a CIA agent follow this article.

We can make a list of the steps and requirements necessary for a job in CIA in the following order

  • Must be a US citizen for CIA agent Job
  • Must possess  a bachelors degree with at least 3.0 GPA
  • Must be dedicated and devoted to work for the nation
  • Your work and service to the nation will be your first priority.
  • You must be able to keep confidential and secret all information related to the job.
  • You cannot go on announcing that you are working for the CIA nor make public your whereabouts and the nature of your job.
  • All your previous work records should prove your integrity and honesty and satisfy the agency when it goes for a check then only you are processed further in the process to become a CIA agent.
  • Your acquaintances and relatives should have a clean background
  • There should be no history of you or someone close to you having had any record of any kind of serious antisocial behaviour.
  • No record of Drug addiction any time in your life. If found guilty then you cannot become an Agent in CIA
  • There is no discrimination on the grounds of gender, color, religion, national origin,disability or age for securing a job in the CIA.

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Various jobs as CIA agent

A job in the CIA does not necessarily mean the job of a secret agent.  The CIA  requires personnel in all fields just as any other organization does. There are jobs available in many fields and you can choose the one befitting your aptitude.


People opting for this field should possess the qualities of collaborators , problem solvers and critical thinkers They should be capable of studying and evaluating information of all kinds both complete or incomplete.


This field requires people who have the qualities of integrity , flexibility and dedication because these personnel deal directly with challenges faced by the nation. For them the countries safety and security are the sole objectives. They should be able to take decisions and work either individually or as a team in protecting the country and the countrymen. They have to work according to the country’s foreign policy and take decisions accordingly.


People opting for positions in this field should be agile, innovative, and creative. Their specialized knowledge help in tackling complex technical problems and adapt to the ever challenging technical issues that may arise in the course of time   . This is the reason why some posts in this field are eligible for special pay . Enterprise and support—-People opting for this field should be skilled as well as driven by a certain amount of dedication to complete their mission. Posts ranging from medical to security to finance to management to legal affairs , security etc belong here . They look after the proper and efficient running of the CIA as an organization.

Foreign Language

 A knowledge of foreign languages is like the CIA’s life line. It is involved in everything that is happening at the CIA . Foreign language experts ensure that the CIA is made aware of all that is happening around the world and help  them to keep abreast and a step ahead of what  foreign countries are thinking .They also acquaint the agency about the seriousness of what is happening in other countries.

CIA requirements

CIA careers and jobs

How to apply for CIA

  • Once a person decides on what job suits his qualifications as well as his temperament he/she should visit the page” Applications “ and learn  how to fill the form online.
  • Once you have applied the agency will check out all details about your background and then decide whether your application needs to be accepted or rejected. only after this checkup you can become a CIA agent.
  • They will do a thorough check up of all your details, everything about your friends and relatives. their character , financial background. Any wrong habits any association with drugs ever. They check on the candidates performance in the jobs he has been holding till then and of course about his character, habits, associations, friends and relatives.
  • An important fact to be noted is that if a person is living overseas then he cannot apply online. Nor can he contact any CIA official.

Life, and monetary benefits being a CIA Agent

The Life style of a CIA employee is very comfortable and the agency takes special care of his and his family’s needs. Lets take a look at the kind of Life the agency provides for its employees. Being a CIA agent you can get various government benefits.


  • Paid leave of 30 days per year which can be carried over to the proceeding year if not availed
  • Full time overseas employees can en cash  fifteen days of home leave for every year of overseas service
  • Employees get sick leave each biweekly pay period to be used for personal illness, adoption and medical appointments. Full-time employees accrue four hours of sick leave per pay period or up to 13 workdays per leave year. Any number of hours of sick leave if not availed can be accumulated and carried over to the future.
  • Full-time employees may use up to 104 hours of accrued sick leave each year for routine family care and bereavement purposes (family friendly leave).
  • In addition to other paid time off, an employee may be eligible for Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA), most federal employees are entitled to a total of up to 12 workweeks of unpaid leave during any 12-month period.
  • MLB leave can be granted for personal or family emergencies such as medical treatment(s), surgery and recovery, childbirth, and medical care for a sick family member.


This is the most important benefit as a CIA agent. You will get following Holiday benefits after you become a CIA agent.                             

  • 10 paid federal holidays every year include : New Year’s Day,  Martin Luther King Jr;s Birthday , Presidents Day( Washington’s Birthday ) Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.
  • Flexibility in scheduling working hours for its employees, including, flexitime, compressed week, part-time and job-sharing,
  • A National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) accredited day-care facility for children three months old through pre-kindergarten. In addition, eligible employees can participate in the child care subsidy program or avail of  a Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account.
  • An advisory family board also exists to sort out and help in solving family problems
  • A department for personal and family support also exists after you become a CIA agent.


These are the health benefits you will get after you become a cia agent in US

  • Fitness and health programmes are organized.Three hours of excused absence for physical fitness per week are permitted
  • Health Insurance–The Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) allows employees to choose among various types of insurance plan.

becoming a cia agent

Salary of a CIA agent – monetary Benefits

Here are some of the monetary benefits that you will get after becoming a cia agent.

  • A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) allows employees to set aside pre-tax money, lowering their taxable income, from their paychecks to pay for a variety of eligible expenses after you become a CIA agent
  • The average salary of a CIA agent is $81,300 per year. However this salary can be increased with proper experience and skills.
  • Through the Federal Employees Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) Program, the government offers group term life insurance at reasonable rates via payroll deductions.
  • There is a system which includes the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), Social Security and the FERS Basic Benefit Plan. Minimum retirement age ranges from the age of  55 to 57
  • The CIA offers competitive salaries. In addition to basic pay,eg. overtime compensation, holiday pay, night differential, Sunday premium pay, bonuses and allowances.
  • A Student Loan repayment Assistance Programme also exists.
  • Supplemental insurance like Payroll deducted insurance plans include Dental, Vision, and Long Term Care
  • The Thrift Savings Plan is a retirement savings and investment plan for federal employees.
  • An IRS-qualified 401(a) pension plan is designed to offer employees an opportunity to supplement their Social Security, retirement annuity and Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) contributions.

How to be a CIA Employee in US – Video Guide

here is a little video we have compiled for you in order to let you know the steps of becoming a Central Intelligence Agency agent.

video credits – Howcast Youtube


CIA Agent Career

  • Employees have access to a variety of training programs for furthering their career prospects.
  • Foreign Language Incentive programme s also exist.

So we have cleared your every doubt about how to become a CIA agent. If you are still wondering and have some questions then you can contact us and we will help you out with queries.

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