Become An Attorney

So you have decided to become a lawyer. If so then we are here to help you. Lawyer career require a certain set of skills that every students must have. To become an attorney in United States you have to follow a certain set of steps. What are these steps to become a lawyer or attorney? Are you confused? Follow the entire guide to know answers to your most sought after question.

become an attorney

How To Become A Lawyer – Step By Step Guide

Here we are giving you certain set of steps for becoming a US attorney. You should follow these steps in order to achieve your goals.

Step 1: Complete you Undergraduate Degree

We must tell you the most important thing. no one can pursue law career without having an undergraduate degree. Yes you heard it right. You can do your undergraduate program in any of the stream of your wish. There is no limitation of doing your graduation in any particular stream. Doing graduation in any stream like engineering, commerce and arts is allowed. After the successful completion of your graduate program you can go for law degree.

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Step 2: Pass LSAT examination

Do you want to study in the top law colleges of USA. If yes then you have to pass the Law School Admission Test popularly known as LSAT. This is the most toughest exam to get into the law school and to become an attorney. The admission officers in law schools consider LSAT scores to measure the potential of the candidate as a lawyer. The LSAT examination contains five section of multiple choice questions. These sections include:

  • Critical thinking
  • Analysis and Reading Comprehension
  • Information management
  • Reasoning
  • Argumentation

Step 3: Apply For A law School to become an attorney

To become an attorney the next step is to apply in a law school. So you are fascinated by the law school? Wait there is a little info that we want to give you. To become a lawyer you have to get into the law school. Law schools considers various point while giving admission. It will consider

  • Your LSAT score
  • Your interview score
  • Your extra activities
  • Your profile
  • Your background and past police records


If you can make through all these steps then you are selected for a law school.

Step 4: Get a Juris Doctor [J.D] Degree

The juris doctor degree is the officially recognised degree for practicing law in the united states. At this time there are around 205 colleges that offer ABA accredit Juris Doctor degree. Students should first enquire about the faculties, curriculum, areas of studies and learning environment before taking admission to any of the law college. After successfully completing 3 years in a Law School you are given a degree in Juris Doctor. During these three years students can decide their areas of specialization. Like they can master themselves in criminal law, property law, family law etc.

Step 5: Pass the Bar Examination

After successfully completing the Juris Doctor degree a candidate can apply for a bar license to practice law. Each state has a separate procedure for bar examination. Generally a bar examination is conducted for two days. These two days are crucial for earning a bar license to become an attorney. Day one is spent in giving multi bar examination set by the bar association of USA. While day two is spent in giving written examination and interview. If everything goes well then you are granted a legal license to represent anyone in court and judicial matters, congrats on becoming a lawyer now. While giving the license the committee takes various factors in consideration. Like your past background, police records and education.

Step 6: Advance your legal career being a lawyer

After you have got license to practice law. You can can work as a solo practicing attorney or you can join a law firm. Law firm will give you a good money and salary as a lawyer. The other option is to advance your career in legal field. You can pursue LLM degree and after that PHd Degree after your juris doctor degree. Advancing in law can give you good career and money.


requirements for becoming a lawyer

becoming an attorney

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Skill Requirements to Become an Attorney

There are various requirements for becoming a lawyer. There are certain set of skills required for becoming an attorney.

The main skills required for an attorney are as follow:-

  1. Critical Thinking skills
  2. Skill of Active Listening
  3. Reading Comprehension skill
  4. Complex Problem Solving mastery
  5. Speaking mastery
  6. Judgment and Decision Making skills
  7. Writing
  8. Persuasion
  9. Active Learning mastery
  10. Negotiation skills


Lawyer Salary Or Attorney Salary By State

So far you have known about being a lawyer/attorney. Now its time to tell you about the most important part. Yes obviously it is about the salary of a lawyer. You will be wondering how much a lawyer earns.

Let us tell you that salary of a lawyer depends on various factors. These factors are:-

  • Experience
  • Skills
  • Types of jobs
  • And city

In USA there are different payscale of an attorney according to states. But don’t worry a lawyer is paid a handsome salary with which he can live a luxury life.

If you are employed in a big law firm in New York then you will be paid in millions as a lawyer. Wherever if you  are a solo practicing attorney then you can also earn upto 1 million dollar.

We have compiled a total and average salary of an attorney according to state in our lawyer salary article. Make sure to read that awesome article. If you have more questions about the salary of a lawyer then you can definitely shoot us an email.


Career as an Attorney

Career as a lawyer is the most promising legal career. This is the career for those who are looking to help the common people by legal means. Lawyer is responsible for bringing the change in the life of common people by helping them ethically.

Lets summarize our entire information on how to become a lawyer

  • To be an attorney you have to first complete your undergraduate studies
  • then you have to give LSAT exam to get in law school
  • successfully earn the juris doctor degree
  • Now advance your career by joining the law firm or by joining the higher law studies.
  • Mean salary of a lawyer in whole US is $106,418. However this salary scale can be increased with one’s experience and skills
  • Lawyer career is the most promising legal career in US

Now at last we want to tell you that in order to become a great lawyer you have to work very hard. You will require some certain sets of skills. If you don’t have these skills then  you can learn them. By following every step given above you can become an attorney as you have dreamt.

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