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By | August 8, 2017

Are you aspiring to become a lawyer? Do you wonder how much a lawyer earn? What is the salary of a lawyer? If you have these questions then you are probably at the right place. If you are here then you are looking for Lawyer salary or an attorney salary. We have got you. If you are looking to find out the answers to your question then should follow this post to the end.

attorney salary

What is the salary of a Lawyer In USA?

Today we have brought you the information about the salary of a lawyer.  There are various factors which affects the salary. you will be fascinated by how much a lawyer earn. you will be happy to see that you can make good money in legal careers

Factors Affecting A Lawyer Salary USA

Here are the factors which affects the salary of an attorney in USA

City – the city in which you are working really affects your salary. Same is in the case of a lawyer. An attorney is paid according to the standards of the city in which he lives in USA.

Skills– this is the most important factor which decides an attorney salary. Here are the skills which can affect the salary of an an attorney:-

  • Legal Research
  • Litigation Case Management
  • Negotiation skills
  • Case Management
  • Legal Document Review skills
  • Complex Litigation Case Management
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Legal Compliance
  • Leadership
  • Research Analysis
  • Technical Writing
  • Intellectual Property (IP)

Experience – this is another important factor which decides your salary. If you have a good years of experience in practicing law then you can earn a good salary as a lawyer.

Job – here job actually means that which kind of work you are doing as a lawyer. If a lawyer salary is high then perhaps he is assigned a great job according to his skills. Its reverse is also true. If salary of an attorney is low then perhaps he is assigned a less important job.


Lawyer Salary By State

lawyer salary

Now here we will provide you the mean salary of a lawyer by state. Find an attorney salary by state below. if you are looking to become a lawyer then please do read this guide.

Lawyer Salary in New York

The average salary of a new York lawyer :- $114000


The average salary of a florida attorney: $106000


Average salary – $106,418

Attorney salary California

Average salary – $106,148

Lawyer pay in Tennessee

Average salary – $105,000

Video explaining lawyer Salary in USA

Here is a short video that will tell you how much you can earn as a lawyer in USA

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